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Concrete Delivery Guys specializes in supply of small loads, rapid transportation and delivery of ready mixed concreate for building projects across the country. Concrete Delivery Guys is applicable in both commercial and agricultural projects. Concrete Delivery Guys delivers concrete to the customers’ doorstop or the customer can collect the concrete mix directly from the concrete mixing plant.



Concrete Delivery Guys has several state of the art concrete mixing plants and a fleet of more than a hundred discharge mixer tracks withon -site telephones for phone customers. The fleet is also fitted with tracking devices to ensure the concrete is taken the destined location without loss of track. Concrete Delivery Guys also puts the safety of its workers first with on-site ambulances and first aiders in case of accidents.



Concrete Delivery Guys works according to the provisions of law on registration and procedures of operation. We are also licensed by Environmental Management Organizations. Concrete Delivery Guys uses environmental friendly and well maintained machinery all the time.

Clients can reach us on 888-487-8118.

Concrete Delivery Guys offers delivery services for the following types of concrete:

Architectural and Decorative Concrete

This concrete is used fordecorative, structural and aesthetic purposes. It comes in different colors and textures. Concrete Delivery Guys delivers these concrete either in a smooth or rough state depending on customer specifications.

Accelerated Set Concrete

Concrete Delivery Guys designs Accelerated Set Concrete to enhance initial strength development allow fast formwork removal, quick construction and rapid repair of such things such as roads and airport runways. It’s mostly used during seasons of lower temperatures of between 5-10 degrees Celsius. These concrete also offers durability and acid resistance.

Roller-compacted Concrete

This concrete is also supplied by Concrete Delivery Guys.I t is a zero slump concrete with the ample resistance to withstand high velocity is mainly used in spillways and structures subjected to high flowing is cost effective and durable

Pervious concrete

Concrete Delivery Guys also provides this unique concrete made of porous material which allows rain water to filter through reducing flooding and heat concentration. Pervious concrete is also effective in preventing skidding and sliding on wet roads and footpaths

Insulating Concrete

This form of concrete stays in wall as part of permanent wall assembly. It is mostly used as a form of Insulated Concrete form.


This concrete has high flow, therefore effective in self levelling eliminating the use of expensive vibrating also exhibits high compaction due to its low air content. It also high very high strengths and can be used in strong buildings that need a lot of support and strength.

Flowable Fill Concrete

Concrete Delivery Guys provides Flowable Fill Concrete to ease the process of laying pipe and cable by surrounding the pipe with a surrounding packed shell providing protection from other elements, prevents unnecessary elements settling and enhances efficiency and speedy completion of works.

Standard Concrete

This is the most common type of concrete provided by Concrete Delivery is mostly prepared for delivery at the plant site instead of being done on the construction site.

Why Concrete Delivery Guys forConcrete Delivery;

Concrete Delivery Guys offers high quality and durable concrete at affordable rates

We provide advice and assistance on what type of concrete to be used.

All our staff is well trained to effectively deliver and mix the concrete.

We use state or art equipment and techniques to effectively mix and deliver the concrete.

Call us on 888-487-8118 for quotation and answers to all your questions pertaining concrete delivery.

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